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eChain Quick Pitch Key Slide Takeaways:

  1. eChain Technology provides Advanced Solutions That Automate Global Commerce and Connections
  2. Vision: Real-time visibility of all your BUSINESS assets in every facility anywhere in the world
  3. Problem: Business is challenged with producing and delivering more with fewer employees and lower cost
  4. Results:  This results in shortcuts in quality and traceability while compliance, accountability and risk increase
  5. The solution is eChainRF-AIM, RFID-Automated Inventory Management
  6. The market opportunity is massive, consisting of any company or entity that has exposure or risk related to item or component traceability, compliance or safety
  7. Strategy:  Companies need inexpensive solutions that provide detailed information about products, components and their movements across the globe.
  8. Solution:  eChainRF-AIM.  The complete solution (cloud application, mobile, RFID, Services) for international item accountability, traceabilityand compliance
  9. Solution:  Advanced asset management in the cloud.  Automated transactions using integrated RFID
  10. Solution: Real-time asset location and status.  Drill-down assets by location
  11. Solution:  RFID Infrastructure: equipment, expertise and new item development
  12. Solution: Long-Range UHF RFID reads tagged items at or beyond 12m / 36ft. Read tagged items in boxes and cases
  13. Atlanta IoT Showroom
  14. Expertise: eChain Technology was founded in 2001 to deliver supply-chain solutions and enterprise project execution
    that improves efficiencies, streamlines the supply-chain, and maximizes operational performance

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