Email Marketing (EMApp)

Take control of your email marketing and mass communication

EMApp is a simple to use, powerful cloud-server mass email application with a massive set of features and detailed reporting.  Have you ever been suspended by MailChimp or another online email marketing service?  Kind of embarrassing, right?  You suddenly find yourself unable to communicate with your contacts and customers.  This won’t happen with EMApp.  Your email list, your app, your decision on when and how much to communicate with your contacts.  No more suspensions. And best of all, you own the app!

eChain Email Marketing is a mass mail, constant contact and newsletter system like no other out there. It’s fast, it’s full of features that would be very expensive elsewhere. It’s well established, has great support and most of all, it’s very affordable. Easily manage continuous communication with your prospects, customers and contacts.  There are a number of businesses that rely heavily on EMApp, so you get a well tested system as well.

With eChain EMApp, you simply get unlimited everything!

eChain Email Marketing App

You can send an unlimited number of email campaigns (newsletters) to an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited numbers of subscribers.  See the EMApp Features list for a comprehensive list of features.

Use Wizard to Easily Create and Send Campaigns

With eChain EMApp, you can easily create and send your email campaigns in just a few easy steps following the step-by-step campaigns wizard.  You can have a campaign ready for delivery in under 3 minutes, assisted by a step-by-step wizard to make things easier for you. Not only is creating a campaign very easy, but you’ll notice all the powerful features you have at hand while creating it and the detailed stats after your campaign finishes sending!

Constant Contact and Autoresponder

Create smart autoresponders to provide constant contact and automatically or periodically follow-up with your prospects.  Schedule automated follow-ups based on many configurable parameters, actions or values from custom fields.

  • Trigger follow-up email after new prospects sign up
  • Send follow-up email after a campaign email was opened
  • Send follow-up email if a campaign email was not opened
  • Schedule followups to occur in minutes or years
  • Schedule followups based on custom triggers like birthday or holiday
  • And much more…

Highly Customizable

You can create custom email templates and fields for your lists (text, textarea, dropdown, multi-dropdown, etc) which you can later use to define or segment your lists. Group and segment your lists based on flexible parameters.  Don’t get limited in designing your list forms, EMApp allows you to customize your list forms any way you want using CSS and JS files.

You can use ANY SMTP server to send your newsletters, or php’s mail, sendmail, directory pickup, or you can use a service like Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost, MailGun, DynEmail, LeaderSend.

Smart Import/Export

Subscribers, Lists, Reports, Stats imports and exports are possible from the application.

Fast Email Sending – Parallel Sending

We offer Parallel Delivery as an upgrade option for eChain Email Marketing Application.

We have a specially designed server solution that supports parallel delivery in order to achieve extraordinary delivery speed for your campaigns.  You can literally send tens of thousands of emails in just one hour with parallel delivery.  There’s just no faster way.  While most other email marketing systems lack this feature, or sell it at incredible prices, eChain offers this capability at a very reasonable price.

Track Clicks, Automatic Bounce and Unsubscribe Management

Campaign Tracking Statistics

Track when and how many times your campaign emails have been opened.  Track any links clicked.  Monitor hard bounces vs soft bounces and create rules that govern when your bounced campaign emails automatically blacklist in the system.  Your lists stay clean with automatic bounce processing, unsubscribe and blacklisting engine.  We track bad (or blacklist) email addresses so they cannot be accidentally added back later.

Check Spam Score, Blacklist Monitor

Check your campaign email before you send it and provide you with a Spam Score to help you draft email campaigns that have a low probability of being flagged as spam.  Did you know? – We are the only solution that provides a FREE email blacklist monitoring service for our customers! Give the service a try, get notified if you are blacklisted, for free!