eChain RFID Tech Solutions are the hardware, software and implementation services necessary to fully deploy automated asset locating, monitoring and tracking of numerous kinds of assets in real-time.

impinj reader antenna hub
impinj reader antenna hub

Our RFID Tech solutions are custom designed to meet business goals and ROI expectations, and our experts guide selection and implementation of all relevant technology including:

  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Antennas
  • RFID Tags
  • RFID Applications
  • RFID Accessories

The eChain team are certified and recognized industry leaders in the technologies necessary for real-time, automated asset location solutions and RFID solutions. We ensure these components work together to automatically track assets and asset movements globally or locally, and are customized to address the needs of any business environment. eChain RFID Automation expertise empowers you to select and implement an RFID-powered solution that will meet your business needs and ROI.  Here’s how:


eChain experts work with your team to define your business goals and evaluate your business layout and workflows.  Typically called a Site Survey.  We propose a solution that helps you achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost with fast results.


RFID Tags are evaluated and selected to provide the best performance for your specific environment and needs.


RFID Readers and Antennas are selected for your business environment and installed at strategic points so that they can “read” the signals being transmitted by the RFID Tags.


RFID Tags attached to your assets are “commissioned” into our Asset Tracking Software. There are many affordable options available to link RFID tags to assets depending on the volume and type of items being tracked.  Through an intuitive interface, you can track and locate specific assets on-site from a laptop, remotely on your web browser, or even while on the go using your mobile device.