Total Customer Management (TCM)

The ultimate solution for any company that manages sales and provides services to customers. A single cloud solution for ALL employees.  Manage leads, contacts, sales pipe, projects, milestones, tasks, tickets, time-sheets, and even invoice!

Single System Streamlines Sales Success – Provides significant savings over Salesforce, Zoho, Act, etc.

Total Customer Management (TCM) incorporates functionality for CRM, CMS, Project Management, Ticket and Bug management, Timesheet, Time-on-Task, Invoicing and much more!  Still using email to manage your leads, sales and project tasks?  Our web-based Total Customer Management solution replaces, Microsoft Project, Excel, custom issue and ticket tracking software, and Quickbooks for invoicing – all in one integrated package.  Seamlessly transition information and history from lead to opportunity to customer to project to milestone and on to the next project.  Use the same system to track hours worked by employee on each task, bug or ticket.  Invoice and track payments for time worked, by task and project.  With optional Google Tasks integration, provides 24/7 mobile access to opportunity actions and tasks assigned to specific employees.

Key Features:

Bonus Add-on Features:

  • Integration to Email Marketing ensures real-time synchronization with email lists, blacklist and new contacts
  • Google Task integration ensures your team has 24/7 mobile access to new opportunities, tasks and follow-ups
  • Google Contacts integration synchronizes your client contact database with key employee personal contacts list

The Sale is not the end of the customer management process… It is only the beginning.

Most CRM solutions are used to track and manage the sales cycle from leads to close.  When the prospect becomes a customer, all that valuable information obtained through the sales cycle is lost when the client information is entered into the accounting system and the project begins.

eChain Total Customer Management lets you accomplish more with less.  One system to manage all activities related to obtaining and supporting the customer.  Workflow and email notifications to keep your staff up-to-date on all aspects of customer management.  Supports 24/7 customer engagement.

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Sales Pipeline

  • List Opportunities and Expected Revenue
  • Opportunity State (New, Proposal, Qualified, Won, etc)
  • Opportunity Stage (Open, Won, Suspended, Closed, etc)
  • Next Action, Next Action Date
  • Manage Opportunity Calls, Meetings, Comments
  • Manage Opportunity Tasks, Bugs and Activities

Leads and Opportunities

  • Qualified prospects become leads
  • Customize/add leads data fields
  • Lead status
  • Lead calls, meetings, comments, tasks, activities
  • Assign lead and opportunity to specific employee(s)
  • Automatically convert lead to opportunity or client

Goal Tracking

  • Set goals for deposit, expense, invoice, tasks, bugs, project
  • Goal type, target achievement
  • Goal Start, End date
  • Report on goal attainment
  • Assign goals to specific employee(s)
  • Set manager notification when goal is (or is not) achieved

Project Management

  • Opportunities convert to clients when sale is closed
  • Associate projects to clients
  • Set project begin and end date
  • Track progress
  • Project status (started, in progress, etc)
  • Assign project to employee(s)
  • Set/Track Project Budget
  • Add comments, attachment, tasks, bugs, milestones, private and public notes,
  • Manage hours worked, invoice and progress against goal
  • Employees add timesheet per project
  • Make project visible and accessible to client

Milestone Progress

  • Milestones are associated to projects and tasks
  • Set multiple milestones per project
  • Project and task work is associated to a milestone
  • Set milestone start and end date, track progress
  • Assign to specific employee(s)
  • Make milestone visible and accessible to client

Tickets, Bugs and Tasks


  • Create tickets with a simple email
  • Employees are notified by email of new or updated tickets
  • Customers monitor progress, and notified by email when tickets are updated
  • Tickets are associated with a reporter
  • Tickets are prioritized and assigned to a department, and specific employee(s)


  • Bugs are software flaws that are logged internally
  • Create bugs for projects, and opportunities, and assign to specific employee(s)
  • Bugs have priority and status options
  • Comments, attachments, notes
  • Choose which bugs are visible to client
  • Create Tasks associated with Bug-related work
  • Rich metrics reports to track Bug status


  • Create Tasks for projects, opportunities, leads, bugs or goals
  • Associate Task with milestone
  • Tasks have start and due dates and status (not started, in progress, etc.)
  • Provide estimate in hours of task completion
  • Track task progress
  • Assign task to specific employee(s)
  • Task comments, notes, attachments
  • Task timesheets
  • Use Task Timer (on/off) to track exact time worked on a task

Email Integration, Ticket Routing

  • Set up PHP-mail or SMTP to send from the application
  • Customizable email templates
  • Email Servers support IMAP or POP3 and SSL encryption
  • Emails automatically generate Tickets when subject line includes keyword (Ticket)
  • New Tickets generate email to any specific employee email address or group address

Timesheet and Task Timer

  • Timesheets for tasks and projects
  • Generate timesheet manually, or automatically using Timer
  • Track exactly how much time employees are spending on tasks and projects
  • One-click timer makes properly allocating work easy across projects and tasks
  • Project manager can easily track work by all employees on a project or task

Quotes, Invoices and Payments

  • Customize Estimates and Invoices – great design!
  • Generate from Items list, or clone existing
  • Email to client as PDF
  • Recurring Invoices, adjustable invoice number sequence
  • Send reminders and overdue notices
  • Track aging of outstanding invoices
  • Tax rate table
  • Generate invoice directly from project or task
  • Accept online payments through 7 payment gateways (including PayPal and Authorize.Net)

Multiple Language

  • 4 languages out of the box
  • Other languages can be added