Automated Inventory Mgt (AIM)

RFID Automated Inventory Mgt

Automated Order-to-Cash solution using long-range RFID integrated with Global Business Manager automatically generates transfer transactions when items physically move from location to location providing real-time item visibility and traceability by location.

eChain Automated Inventory Management (AIM) incorporates long-range RFID with eChain Global Inventory Mgt to automate item location and movement transactions in real time, as items and employees move throughout your facility or network, triggering replenishment orders, expired stock notifications, alerts and much more.  AIM allows multiple groups to effectively manage and track assets, asset interactions, and asset workflows from locations across the planet.

No more lost or misplaced inventory.  No more inventory counts.  Significantly reduce shrink and lost sales due to missing inventory. Easily locate expired or recalled items.

The AIM solution is a cloud-based item management application, automated by RFID technology installed at the client’s location.  Asset location and movement data is captured by the RFID infrastructure and communicated to the external cloud-based application servers and storage via an Internet connection.  Local users interface with and retrieve information from the cloud-based application using standard PC computers via a secure Internet URL.

Our system supports role-based access with granular user and group item level permissions. It has the flexibility for multiple, customized classifications and groups of assets such as fixed assets, computers, documents, equipment, people, etc.

About eChain-AIM

The eChain AIM system is a modern graphical asset management solution that utilizes RFID technologies to provide and automate total item visibility and control.  Our open-source framework and template-based approach allows rapid implementation and customization to meet many organizations’ inventory/asset tracking and management needs.

The eChain AIM system architecture allows for superior scaleability, allowing the solution to extend asset tracking to multiple existing locations and adapt to add/incorporate future locations.  The system is hosted in a secure, managed, cloud-based site.

eChainRF Mobile

eChainRF Mobile

eChain AIM is a true solution for your asset management needs, built onto high-performance cloud-based servers and designed from the beginning to work with massive streaming data generated by RFID tag reads.

eChain AIM was created to be infinitely flexible and rapidly implemented, supporting multiple business and asset management scenarios, with the ability to add/customize fields and to track assets based on those fields, and in multiple languages. eChain AIM captures, reports and archives the full asset history of events such as item location, transfers, custodial stewardship changes, audit events, and final disposition.

This solution has the added capability of configuring alert conditions and automatically generating notifications when these alert conditions have been met.  Examples of common alerts configured for previous customers include assets moving into restricted areas, monitors to inform administrators of expired and expiring assets, and notification alerts related to required maintenance schedules.

eChain BYOD iPhone

eChain BYOD iPhone

We also understand the value of mobile tracking, and have integrated executive mobile devices for RFID and Barcode scanning integrated into our solution.  We support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and have an integrated asset scanning application that works on smart devices using the camera and GPS with Barcode and location.

Our solution supports multiple inventory and asset-related activities (Procurement, Receiving, Sales/Quotes, Transfers, Service/Maintenance, Damaged Goods, Quality Hold, Repository Storage, Leasing, and Loaning.

Our Role-based security allows access and visibility to specific roles (i.e., Service/Maintenance, or Locations (Stock Room A,).

Solution – Application

eChainRF Reports Dashboard

eChainRF Reports Dashboard

eChain AIM provides advanced asset management for real-time asset visibility utilizing RFID technologies for automated transactions and interactions.  AIM captures, reports and archives the full asset history of events such as item location, transfers, custodial stewardship changes, audit events, and final disposition.

eChain AIM is traditionally an integrated hardware/software solution that incorporates RFID technology with an Asset Management platform that automatically tracks assets and reorders inventory as needed from multiple warehouses or stock locations.  eChain AIM seamlessly interfaces with Impinj Passive UHF reader infrastructures, eChain Executive Desktop UHF RFID Reader, and several handheld RFID readers.

eChain AIM employs a centralized, cloud-based architecture, connected to RFID and Barcode infrastructures via the web.  Transactions can be automated with RFID/Barcode, or manually input.  It utilizes a relational database, which allows isolation of asset data to a group of users via such methods as multiple databases, separate tables, flags in the records, or other, as required by client.

eChainRF Drill-down Charts

eChainRF Drill-down Charts Display Assets by Location

Features include:

  • Responsive UI – The screen adjusts to fit your device. Works with desktop, notebook, mobile.
  • International – Cloud-based solution is accessible anywhere in the world via internet connection. Multiple language support for use in native language.
  • RFID Integration – Seamlessly integrated to eChain RF-AIM for automated transaction updates.
  • Barcode Support – This is a full featured inventory and asset management solution.  Out of the box support for barcode scans, and manual entry in addition to RFID integration.
  • Mobile Solutions – Integrated executive RFID scanner and BYOD Mobile phone scanning app
  • Location History – Automated transfer transactions generated and archived on item movements
  • Multiple Locations – Know where items are at all times, whether inside a stock room, or in different countries.
  • Sales Support – Quotes/ Sales/ Returns/ Invoice Processing/ Customer Mgt (in any currency)
  • Procurement – Manage Suppliers/ Purchasing/ Transfers/ Shipping/ Freight /Handling charges
  • Role-based access– Multiple User Roles, control access by function (sales) or location (UAE Distribution Center)
  • Rich Reporting – Multiple Built-In Metrics Reports with visual drill-down, real-time profit/loss, sales reports, item location reports, item history reports, etc.
  • Make to Order – Supports linking and consuming materials and equipment used to manufacture “Make to Order” sales.  Track net cost per order, and link specific equipment, materials or employees to sales order.


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