eChain Technology specializes in RFID, supply-chain and enterprise solutions that immediately address business cost areas and improve operational performance. We offer innovative applications, system integration, full service consulting, and custom application development.  Our team thrives on developing innovative, paradigm-shifting solutions for high-impact operational excellence

Our focus is scalable business solutions that support global business, reduce overall costs and incorporate IoT & RFID-automation and integration to remove bottlenecks and allow companies to be more efficient with fewer employees. We offer high impact business and technology solutions for operational excellence.

Advanced Technology That Automates Item Location and Traceability

RFID Automation Tech – eChain RFID Tech is the physical technology we have found to be superior in capability or value. Shop for UHF RFID Readers, Antennas, Tags and Accessories we use to fully deploy automated asset locating, monitoring and tracking of numerous kinds of assets in real-time. (more)

Enterprise Accelerator Solutions Automate Global Commerce and Connections


Asset & Inventory Manager (AIM) – Order-to-Cash in the cloud with quote, sell, purchase, locate, track and manage inventory and assets in locations across the planet.  Adds global visibility to your entire enterprise monitoring and reporting value and locations of items and assets in your global supply-chain. RFID-ready.

RFID Automated Inventory MgtAutomated Asset & Inventory Mgt (AUTO-AIM-RF) – Automated Order-to-Cash solution using long-range RFID integrated with our enterprise Asset and Inventory Manager (AIM) automatically generates transfer transactions when items physically move from location to location providing real-time item visibility and traceability by location.

Total Customer Management (TCM) – The ultimate CRM solution for any company that manages sales and provides services to customers. A single cloud solution for ALL employees that incorporates CRM/Sales Pipe PLUS Project Management: Milestones, Tasks, Tickets and Bugs, Timesheets, Invoices, Workflow automation and much more.

Link Connect Email Marketing – Take control of your email marketing, constant contact and mass communication needs. Amazing capabilities, No limits.  Mass mail, constant contact and newsletter system like no other out there. It’s fast, it’s full of features, it’s well established, has great support and most of all, it’s very affordable.