About eChain Technology

Global Leader in Asset Visibility, Automation and Analytics

Our team thrives on developing innovative, paradigm-shifting solutions for high-impact operational excellence.

We are experts at global item and asset visibility, including designing, developing and implementing automated tracking solutions that use Active and Passive RFID. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding success metrics and expectations by incorporating experience of what works and what does not work with this challenging technology.

eChain’s core competency is our ability to formulate and execute the fastest path to project success and ROI, utilizing:

  • Advanced Technology and Applications, Design and Development
  • RFID Evaluation, Development, Implementation, Integration
  • Massive Data Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Systems Integration, Automated Interfaces and Triggers
  • Global Logistics; Item-Level Tracking, Visibility and Control
  • ERP and Supply-Chain; i2/JDA, SAP, Oracle, Infor
  • Design Services; Facilitation, Blueprinting, Requirements, Technical
  • Approach; Lean Six Sigma, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Agile

We offer complete solution implementation, including design, installation, customization, workflow improvements, and 24×7 support globally. We provide dedicated deployments, or affordable, and secure shared environment.

eChain Technology is a certified Impinj partner based in Atlanta GA, with offices in Osaka Japan and Sydney Australia.

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