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What If…

What if there was a company with experience tracking and controlling the movement of millions items all over the world; Billions of dollars of goods movements ranging from toilet paper to critical life-saving vaccines. All with transaction volumes of up to 16,000 transactions each day. Each transaction critical, and tracked with an accuracy of 99.999997%.  With analytics and processes that quickly find the root cause?

What if this company had experts and tools that could accurately benchmark your company’s operating performance and find and fix millions of dollars of your item, inventory and operating challenges without disrupting your business, in real time, and in less than one year?

And what if this company used advanced, emerging technologies like low-cost, long-range RFID, high-performance cloud applications, predictive analytics and integrated multi-technology mobile solutions like RF Scanners, hybrid RF/Barcode devices, or used your own smart-phone and tablet? Would you be interested?

Now, what if this solution was affordable enough for the smallest rental center, or scalable enough to work in a multinational corporation? And this company stood by their price, participated in delivering the proposed value milestones, and delivered on time, guaranteed.