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What is the best UHF RFID Label Tag in 2017? Best of 6 Common Retail UHF Label Tags

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Tag Test 6 Common UHF RFID Label Tags by eChain Technology

There are hundreds of UHF RFID tags currently available on the market and new tags appearing every week (it seems).  Tags are customized to meet so many scenarios from on-metal, laundry, high-temp, small/micro, cable tags, zip-tie tags, wet inlay (adhesive backed sticker), printable label tags, and more…

Trying to find the best tag on the market for any given scenario can be extremely time consuming, and misleading capabilities documented by tag manufacturers don’t help at all.

From time to time, we evaluate available RFID tags to help us narrow the list to a manageable few tags for our customers and to recommend to RFID users based on a controlled tag comparison. This particular tag test provided results that was surprising even to us, and I think will help guide you to using a relatively new tag that had superior results compared to all other commonly used UHF RFID Label Tags.

Tags Tested:

  1. Alien Squiggle – ALN-9640 (Higgs 3) aftermarket, 4x.5 inch inlay
  2. AD-227m5 – Avery Dennison (Monza 5) from manufacturer, 4×2 inch label
  3. xWing – Invengo (Monza 5) from manufacturer, 3×2 inch label
  4. Alien Short – ALN-9662 (Higgs 3) aftermarket, 3×2 inch label
  5. Frog 3D, SMARTRAC (Monza 4) from manufacturer, 2×2 inch inlay
  6. AD-229r6 – Avery Dennison (Monza r6), from manufacturer, 4x.5 inch inlay


UHF USB Reader

UHF USB Reader

We decided to use the eChain High-Power USB Desktop RFID Reader for this test.  This reader is very easy to use, has a maximum output power of 26 dBm (0.4W), and connects directly to PC using USB Cable.  While we could have used a much more powerful reader like the Impinj R420, some of these tags can be read at over 60 ft using the R420 and extreme range testing is something we will plan for a future experiment.  For this test, we are focused on documenting both the reading capability of the (medium-range) eChain desktop reader on currently available, inexpensive label tags.

The reader was set to max power (26 dBm) and configured for FCC frequency hopping.  We mounted the reader on a flat surface in a vertical orientation 3 ft (1m) from the ground.  The test was conducted indoors with unobstructed field of view with a maximum possible range of 30 ft (10m).

The tags were randomly selected from batches we have available, one from each of the 6 tags listed above.  We mounted the tags on separated sheets of paper, with EPC and TID printed to help identify the tested tags.

For the test, we placed a tape measure on the floor directly below the reader extending straight out for 30 ft.   We moved all tags out of range and started the reader.  We selected 1 tag at random and slowly moved toward the front of the reader along the tape measure from the 30 ft mark (outside read range) until the reader “beeped” and the first read was recorded (distance, frequency, rssi).  We then marked the tag read location on the tape measure at precisely the greatest distance of the first read.  We repeated this with the remaining 5 tags until the test was completed, we documented the measurements of the tags, reset and repeated the experiment for a total of 5 tests for all 6 tags.


We ware amazed to see the clear winner of the test was the AD-229r6 with a maximum read observation of 24 ft (7.3m) and average max read range of 19.2 ft (5.8 m). This is an amazing 10 ft greater than the next maximum read (Frog 3D) and more than 2x the reading range of the Aveny Dennison predecessor tag, the AD-227m5.

Max Read Distance in Inches (IN) (FT) (FT)
Tag Description T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 AVG AVG MAX
Squiggle (Alien) 98 102 110 96 103 102 8.5 9.2
AD-227m5 96 110 80 98 116 100 8.3 9.7
xWing (Invengo) 95 100 132 123 89 108 9.0 11.0
9662 Short (Alien) 132 151 132 110 155 136 11.3 12.9
Frog 3D (SMARTRAC) 168 129 132 117 140 137 11.4 14.0
AD-229r6 202 205 216 240 288 230 19.2 24.0
Totals 791 797 802 784 891

Key Takeaways

  • Clear Winner: AD-229r6 for both average and maximum range read
  • 24 Ft Tag Reads: Using eChain USB Desktop Reader
  • Most Improved: AD-229r6 HUGE improvement over previous version AD-227m5
  • Best Short Tag:  Alien Short (9662) 3 inch tag had amazing performance for its size

Final Thoughts

Apologies to Alien Technology for Squiggle and Short tag test results as we used aftermarket tags.  These tags do not use the latest Alien chipset, and may not have the performance of OEM Alien tags.  Our reasoning is these Alien tags are prevalent online and provide a great price point sought after by high quantity/production clients.

Through other tag tests, we have found that the aftermarket Alien Short 9662 tags do tend to perform very well and consistently with our results here.  However, bulk purchases of those aftermarket tags reveal quality issues that make reads inconsistent from tag to tag.

We are very happy with our little desktop reader providing label tag reads up to 24 Ft!

Through other tag tests, we have found that the Alien Squiggle tends to perform better than the results found in these tests.  We would be glad to revisit or retest these, or other tags on request.  Thank-you for your interest!  Lewis Kilby, eChain Technology

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RFID Reader Locates up to 5,000 items in 5,000 SQ Ft., 32 Zones!

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The new Impinj Speedway Revolution model, R420-USA2M1 has maximum output power of 32.5 dBm.  This is 2.5 dBm more than the previous Revolution R420 and represents an amazing 178% increase in maximum output Wattage (1.78 W vs 1.0 W).  While you can’t use this extra power to exceed FCC (or your local government) guidelines on maximum RFID radiated power, you can now extend your RFID system by 25 Ft in any direction from a single reader with no net signal loss over previous reader model.  You gain 2,500 SQ Ft of extra RFID coverage area from a single reader!


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Invengo announces slimmest, high-performance UHF RFID tag for linen tracking

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Singapore, 14 February 2017 – Invengo, the global RFID technology provider, today announced the launch of a new generation linen tag, the LinTRAK-Slim, the slimmest UHF RFID tag for the Laundry and Textile Services industry, based on the latest chip available on the market. 

Specifically designed to be discreetly integrated into linen and various textile products used in commercial laundries and at their customers’ sites such as hospitals and hotels, the new LinTRAK-Slim tag is a woven label just 1.2mm thick, making it the thinnest UHF RFID tag on the Textile Services market. Small in size, 10mm wide and 59mm long, the new Invengo tag allows for rapid and seamless insertion into the hem of textile items. The tag is based on a unique and patented concept that couples a very small UHF device with a sewed, secondary antenna made from flexible stainless steel thread-like material.

The new LinTRAK-Slim integrates Impinj’ Monza® R6-P chip, the latest EPC Gen 2 UHF chip on the market, designed to drive high-volume applications by combining breakthrough features with unprecedented bulk, stack-reading capacity and speed.

LinTRAK-Slim, which has been tested by world renowned MRI test lab Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services, is MRI-compatible and can be used safely in all types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems operating at 1.5- and 3-Tesla.

The new LinTRAK-Slim completes Invengo’s portfolio of industry-leading RFID tags and stations combined with a linen inventory visibility IoT platform called ACUITY, specifically designed to provide digital analytics and services to the laundry industry and their clients in the Healthcare and Hospitality markets.

“We are particularly excited about this new tag and its innovative features that are the result of fruitful discussions with our customers and end-users throughout the Textile Services Ecosystem, including linen manufacturers, laundry groups, major hotel chains and hospitals,” said Richard Bailly, President of Invengo Technologies. “With this slimmer tag, we deliver unique benefits to each layer of the linen value chain, resulting in a groundbreaking product that will fuel market growth.”

The new LinTRAK-Slim tag will be available for orders by the end of February 2017.

Invengo Textile Services provides a smart-linen system called ACUITY, enabling real-time inventory visibility of textile assets, through reliable tracking and monitoring of their flow, usage and life cycle from linen suppliers to laundry groups and their customers.

Its innovative and proven technology platform, combining software, RFID hardware and services, adapts to our customers’ evolving requirements in terms of stock volumes and multiple site deployments. It significantly contributes to: efficient monitoring of linen, increased financial gains through reduced operational costs, optimized stocks and purchases, and improved customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

Invengo – the global RFID technology provider – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, intelligent RAIN RFID (UHF), HF and NFC inlays, tags and connectivity solutions utilized in the Internet of Things (IoT). With a focus on RFID innovation, Invengo has created a leading product line in retail, library, (industrial) laundry,  pharmaceutical, healthcare, (public) transportation and many other industries. With over 20 years of experience in RFID, Invengo is fully dedicated to enabling efficiency in applications such as ticketing, identity management, supply chain management, authentication, asset management and brand equity.

Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd, located in Singapore (with subsidiaries in the US and Europe), is the international headquarters of Invengo Information Technology Co. Ltd, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE: 002161.SZ). Employing over 600 people worldwide, Invengo is one of the largest publicly traded, RFID-oriented companies in the world, with design and manufacturing plants located in both the United States and China and sales offices spanning all major geographies.

Media Contact
Invengo Technologies
Angeline Fraud
Manager – Marketing Communications
Textile & Custom Application Services

+33 4 1396 1127

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WIP-TRAK: Work In Process Tracking in the Cloud

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On Monday morning, your customer service line rings and your service agent logs a call about a product failure with your new laser-turbo Diffendoofer. Someone was almost injured! By the end of the day, you receive seven more similar calls. Your QA team immediately suspect a cluster of product failures, and frantically begins researching root cause and potential scope of impact.

Hoverboard FireSometimes root cause analysis is easy. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone and Hoverboard fails can be quickly linked to a lithium ion battery. But wait, is this really accurate? Is it the lithium ion battery, or the charger? Is it a certain brand or manufacturer of battery or charger that is consistent with the product failures, or really something else? If you are like most manufacturing companies, you use multiple vendors for different components, and each manufacturer may deliver slightly different variations of components over time as they evolve their own production processes. Linking specific components and materials to a finished product is nearly impossible.

Quickly understanding and addressing product failure root cause can be the difference between a great public relations turnaround success story or an epic company failure ending in crushing lawsuits and bankruptcy.


Assembly Line WIPeChain Technology has developed WIP-TRAK to address traceability and compliance needs for manufactured and assembled products. WIP-TRAK is a module of the eChain Global Business Manager solution. If your company was using eChain WIP-TRAK, your customer service agent could quickly and easily check the failed products to identify common components, materials, machines, and even specific workers who touched or inspected the product.

eChain WIP-TRAK supports UDI (Unique Device identifier) or Serialized materials and parts used in the manufacture or assembly of a finished product. Using an extremely simple interface (4 fields), workers log each step in a work order process with barcode scanner, or automatically using RFID.

WIP-TRAKAt each station, the worker would:
1) Scan the new component barcode (beep!),
2) Scan the work order barcode (beep!),
3) Scan the employee’s badge/ID (beep!),
4) Scan the location/station (beep!)… Done.

That’s it! In seconds, the new component (or machine or assembly or quality check) and its specific cost is linked to the finished good and time-stamped. As the work order moves from station to station, we generate a transfer transaction and track time-in-station, worker and items physically located at each station at that time.  Reports show how long jobs/items and assemblies are held at each station, and where a specific work order is at any point in time. Monitor the quantity levels of assemblies or materials by station to ensure no disruption or delays. Monitor that each Quality Check has been performed.  Track specific machines that were used on each product or job.

Diffendoofer Defect

Hoverboard AssemblyUsing eChain WIP-TRAK, you can clearly identify that your new laser-turbo Diffendoofer product failures appear to be related to a specific batch of flux capacitor manufactured by Yekko Inc. and your potential impact is 500 products. Because the eChain Global Business Manager manages unique devices, you can further identify the specific customers who purchased the 500 units in question within minutes. In the same day as the product defects first appear, you can identify root cause, common components, and customers who purchased the defective items using eChain Technology.

Real-time COGS

Managers can quickly and accurately track specific Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for each specific finished product, or generate aggregated profit/loss reports.

Many companies do not have quantitative information on product cost and need to better track and manage specific costs associated with the products they manufacture and sell. Using eChain Global Business Manager with WIP-TRAK, companies can review profit/loss reports by item, by category, by location. This real-time information can help companies fine-tune their pricing model to maximize profitability.

Manage Machine Use and Maintenance

eChain WIP-TRAK tracks each specific machine used for every work order or job.  Some machines are used more often than others.  Some machines break down more frequently than others, and some machines are simply better than others.  Use WIP-TRAK to identify specific machine defect rates.  Track how many times specific machines were used, and schedule periodic preventative maintenance based on usage or defects using eChain WIP-TRAK.

About Global Business Manager

eChain Global Business Manager is a low-cost, cloud-based solution that enables your entire organization to quote, sell, purchase, locate, track and manage inventory and assets in facilities and locations across the planet and in local languages. The solution is completely RFID-enabled using the eChain RFID Enterprise Connector and RFID Tech.  Provides enterprise Order-to-Cash capabilities, Unique Device Management/Serialized stock tracking and Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking in an affordable and easy to use package with graphical user interface and rich reporting.  Enables companies to purchase, manage, track, sell and report items globally using fewer employees and systems. Supports inventory, asset and employee tracking, rental, service, manufacturing/assembly and retail applications.

About eChain Technology

eChain Technology specializes in RFID, supply-chain and enterprise solutions that immediately address business cost areas and improve operational performance. We offer innovative applications, system integration, full service consulting, and custom application development.

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HIPAA-level Security, Reliability, Performance

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At eChain Technology, we provide best in class application and data security, reliability and performance by implementing our 3-tier approach to ensure our systems and client data are as secure as possible. 

Read More

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Connect Things to the Internet of Things

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It is hard to deny that the Internet of Things (IoT) has reached a critical mass of sorts and is now feeding and growing on its own momentum. Every day there is news from all over the world of companies adopting and utilizing IoT technologies in very interesting ways that improve their business, reduce problems and risks, and provide automatic accountability in a world of global availability. And IoT is finding its way into the consumer market as well, providing home safety and automation, secure access and accountability for school children, and the capability to locate indispensable items like bikes and car keys.

Every technology used in IoT is different. Primary technologies in IoT include RFID, Bluetooth and Wifi. These technologies have extremely different capabilities, strengths and weakness that ensure the best technology is available for specific scenarios. For example, do you want to track many things (clothing in a department store) or a few things (car keys)? Do you need extremely short range (contact-based access control, contactless secure payment system with read distance of a few millimeters). Medium-range (retail checkout scan of a few inches), or long-range (employee/patient tracking, long-range stock tracking at 30-50ft). Or do you need extremely long range sensors that indicate a mechanical failure or issue (lead level in water supply, miner experiencing oxygen issues in a mine shaft) at a distance of a quarter mile or more?

RFID Tag Serial Output

RFID Tag Serial Output

Each technology communicates using different comm protocols, timings, ranges, security levels, etc., and each technology requires a unique system to interpret and process the data to ensure relevant information is immediately communicated, while non-relevant information (redundant status updates) are filtered out.

00:16:25:11:22:C3 4 0C210501607131472202319F 1434760116623735 61

Unlike EDI or XML, each IoT technology communicates differently with no existing standard. Here is a great article by Sanjay Sarma of MIT Technology Review titled The Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World.  Data from IoT sensors typically includes a sensor/tag identifier (in Hexadecimal) and sometimes a sensor data element (on/off or sensor reading like 121 degrees). Some IoT items communicate directly with the internet (onboard Wifi or Bluetooth). Others need a device to read the signal from the sensor/tag (Reader) and relay the signal to the internet (or server application). The Reader will add additional metadata to the tag/sensor data (reader identifier, timestamp, signal strength, etc.), translate the tag signal and transmit the enhanced signal data to a local application or to the internet.

The resulting data string might look something like this: “00:16:25:11:22:C3 4 0C210501607131472202319F 1434760116623735 61”

Professor Plumb in the Library with the Candlestick Holder

Professor Plum

Professor Plum

In the end, all you really want from your IoT device is the WHAT (Professor Plumb), the WHERE (Library), the WHEN (9:36PM) and possibly a sensor reading (Alive/Dead?). You expect your IoT application to monitor other tracked items in the vicinity (Candlestick Holder) and the relationship of items that would make the game of Clue extremely short if played using IoT technology. Of course, we would also know that Mrs. Peacock “expired” at 9:36PM in the Library… This status would trigger an alert to the designated authorities with the relevant information.

Big Picture

Sensors and machine-to-machine interaction is just the beginning of the IoT revolution. The real value lies in integrating these disparate data feeds into your day-to-day operations. Ask yourself – do I want to maintain a bunch of new applications and interfaces?

eChain Technology Advanced Solutions that Automate Global Commerce

eChain Technology Advanced Solutions that Automate Global Commerce

Do I want to deploy and maintain internet and “Edge” servers to reduce thousands of data records continuously generated (per minute) to extract the one relevant record (item x has stopped)? Do I want to spend the next 2 years experimenting with IoT and RFID technology to find out what works for me and my specific business scenario? How do I leapfrog existing legacy systems to take advantage of emerging IoT technologies and other related technology?

Ask yourself, would it be valuable for me to have multiple systems working together to provide a single view of the entire history of an item – including assembly steps and components, warehouse locations and movements, shipping updates from multiple carriers, quality inspections, service records, and record of employees who touched the item? In the case of catastrophic item failure (airliner crash, food poisoning) knowing where each component has ever been will be extremely important.

About eChain Technology

eChain Technology was founded in 2001 to design, develop and deliver innovative supply-chain solutions and enterprise project execution that improves efficiency and maximizes operational performance. We have a 100% success rate delivering more than $150 million in net income and value to Fortune-500, multi-national companies and government agencies. eChain Technology specializes in RFID, supply-chain and enterprise solutions that immediately address business cost areas and improve operational performance. We provide full service consulting, system integration and application development.

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eChain Interactive IoT and RFID Showcase

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eChain Technology is proud to announce the 2016 opening of the first Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID interactive showcase in Atlanta, conveniently located at prestigious Colony Square office location in Midtown Atlanta!

eChain RFID Atlanta Showroom

eChain RFID Atlanta Showroom

eChain Technology in partnership with ThoughtWorks has constructed an interactive showcase exhibit that demonstrates how items affixed with inexpensive passive RFID labels can be automatically tracked as they move throughout the showcase area, how certain movements change the item status or generate alerts.  You will see how an enterprise inventory management solution processes the automated updates to provide real-time system updates with no human input, and maintains a complete history of item movements and locations.  Experiment to see just how far a passive RFID system can read $0.10 labels (50 ft?), which tags work best, how different materials affect RFID reads.  See the Hitachi Small Package RFID Tag (used to track honey bees) and how to make the 2.5mm tag scan at 12 ft.  Review USB desktop RFID readers – how do they compare to fixed infrastructure systems?  What is the difference? Bring your business challenge or a scenario you would like to test with this technology.  Our engineers can work with you to see just how effective these solutions can be for you.

By appointment only please.  To schedule, please contact Lewis Kilby at eChain Technology.

Our Solution

eChain Technology is offering a cloud-based, graphical and easy to use solution that provides low-cost inventory management for real-time asset visibility utilizing long-range RFID sensor technology to automate transactions and interactions for all your business assets in every facility anywhere in the world.
The application and real-time information are securely accessed by your team, your clients and suppliers in native language and currency from internet browser or mobile. Our solution, eChainRF AIM (RFID Automated Inventory Management) provides comprehensive, cloud-based enterprise stock and stock value management and control plus B2B web-based quotes, orders, sales, returns, purchases, transfers, invoices and rich reporting and metrics.

eChain Technology Advanced Solutions that Automate Global Commerce

eChain Technology Advanced Solutions that Automate Global Commerce

The business implication of our solution is amazing!

  • Automatic system updates as items physically move from location to location
  • Real-time visibility and value of items and stock globally
  • UDI – Serialization and Unique Device Identification by default
  • Work-in-process traceability back to a single employee, machine or material
  • No more lost or misplaced stock
  • No more physical inventory or cycle counts
  • No more unexpected annual adjustments

About ThoughtWorks



We work with people and organizations who have ambitious missions – whether they are in the commercial, social or government sectors. We set up smart teams who love challenges and think disruptively to help our clients succeed.  We are focused on helping our industry improve, and believe in sharing what we learn.  We are strong believers in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. Through our Social Impact Program, we collaborate with organizations with a humanitarian mission and broad reach, helping them use technology to make an impact.

Contact ThoughtWorks at:, email:

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eChainRF Automated Asset Management

eChainRF Automated Asset Management

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eChain Technology is pleased to present our comprehensive asset management solution,  the eChainRF Advanced Asset Management solution (eChainRF AAM).  eChainRF AAM is an integrated hardware/software solution that incorporates long-range RFID technology with an advanced Asset Management platform to automatically track assets and inventory in real time, triggering reorders, expired stock notifications and alerts as needed.  eChainRF AAM allows multiple groups to effectively manage and track assets, asset interactions, and asset workflows from multiple locations across the planet.

The eChainRF AAM solution is a cloud-based asset management application, automated by RFID technology installed at the client’s location.  Asset location and movement data is captured by the RFID infrastructure and communicated to the external cloud-based application servers and storage via an Internet connection.  Local users interface with and retrieve information from the cloud-based application using standard PC computers via a secure Internet URL.

Our system supports role-based access with granular user and group item level permissions. It has the flexibility for multiple, customized classifications and groups of assets such as fixed assets, computers, documents, equipment, people, etc.

About eChainRF AAM

Automated Item Management

Automated Item Management

The eChainRF AAM system is a modern asset management solution that utilizes RFID technologies to provide and automate total item visibility and control.  Our open framework and template-based approach allows rapid implementation and customization to meet many organizations’ asset tracking and management needs.

The eChainRF AAM system architecture allows for superior scalability, allowing the solution to extend asset tracking to multiple existing locations and adapt to add/incorporate future locations.  The system is hosted in a secure, managed, cloud-based site.

eChainRF Mobile

eChainRF Mobile

eChainRF AAM is a true solution for your asset management needs, built onto high-performance cloud-based servers and designed from the beginning to work with massive streaming data generated by RFID tag reads.

eChainRF was created to be infinitely flexible and rapidly implemented, supporting multiple business and asset management scenarios, with the ability to add/customize fields and to track assets based on those fields, and in multiple languages. eChainRF AAM captures, reports and archives the full asset history of events such as item location, transfers, custodial stewardship changes, audit events, and final disposition.

This solution has the added capability of configuring alert conditions and automatically generating notifications when these alert conditions have been met.  Examples of common alerts configured for previous customers include assets moving into restricted areas, monitors to inform administrators of expired and expiring assets, and notification alerts related to required maintenance schedules.

eChain BYOD iPhone

eChain BYOD iPhone

We also understand the value of mobile tracking, and have integrated executive mobile devices for RFID and Barcode scanning integrated into our solution.  We support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and have an integrated asset scanning application that works on smart devices using the camera and GPS with barcode and location.

Our solution supports multiple inventory and asset-related activities (Procurement, Receiving, Work-in-Process, Service/Maintenance, Damaged Goods Management, Quality Hold, Repository Storage, Leasing, and Loaning.

Our Role-based security allows access and visibility to specific roles (i.e., Service/Maintenance, or Locations (Stock Room A,).

Solution – Application

eChainRF Reports Dashboard

eChainRF Reports Dashboard

eChainRF AAM provides advanced asset management for real-time asset visibility utilizing RFID technologies for automated transactions and interactions.  eChainRF AAM captures, reports and archives the full asset history of events such as item location, transfers, custodial stewardship changes, audit events, and final disposition.

eChainRF AAM is traditionally an integrated hardware/software solution that incorporates RFID technology with an Asset Management platform that automatically tracks assets and reorders inventory as needed from multiple warehouses or stock locations.  eChainRF AAM currently interfaces with Impinj Passive UHF reader infrastructures, and provides support for handheld RFID readers

eChainRF AAM employs a centralized, cloud-based architecture, connected to RFID and barcode infrastructures via the web.  Transactions can be automated with RFID/Barcode, or manually input.  It utilizes a relational database, which allows isolation of asset data to a group of users via such methods as multiple databases, separate tables, flags in the records, or other, as required by client.

eChainRF Drill-down Charts

eChainRF Drill-down Charts Display Assets by Location

Features include:

  • Responsive UI – The screen adjusts to fit your device. Works with desktop, notebook, mobile.
  • International – Cloud-based solution is accessible anywhere in the world via internet connection. Multiple language support for use in native language.
  • RFID Integration – Seamlessly integrated to eChain RFID Portal for automated transaction updates.
  • Barcode Support – This is a full featured inventory and asset management solution.  Out of the box support for barcode scans, and manual entry in addition to RFID integration.
  • Mobile Solutions – Integrated executive RFID scanner and BYOD Mobile phone scanning app
  • Location History – Automated transfer transactions generated and archived on item movements
  • Multiple Locations – Know where items are at all times, whether inside a stock room, or in different countries.
  • Sales Support – Quotes/ Sales/ Returns/ Invoice Processing/ Customer Mgt (in different currency)
  • Procurement – Manage Suppliers/ Purchasing/ Transfers/ Shipping/ Freight /Handling charges
  • Role-based access– Multiple User Roles, control access by function (sales) or location (UAE Distribution Center)
  • Rich Reporting – Multiple Built-In Metrics Reports with visual drill-down, real-time profit/loss, sales reports, item location reports, item history reports, etc.
  • Make to Order – Supports linking and consuming materials and equipment used to manufacture “Make to Order” sales.  Track net cost per order, and link specific equipment, materials or employees to sales order.

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eChain Executive RF Device

eChain Executive Mobile RF Scanner

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eChain Executive Mobile Device Slideshow

The eChain MobileRF solution is a phone-based Android Application Platform with integrated UHF RFID and Barcode Scanner.

This is not your typical ruggedized warehouse scanner.  This is an elegant smart device platform for executive and in-office use, integrated into the eChain RFID Portal platform.   Our mobile solution completes your eChain Technology Automated Asset Management needs for Critical Asset, Item and Parts Visibility.  Use to scan, interrogate, inspect and add/update your UHF RFID-tagged assets, or use the on-board industrial Honeywell bar-code scanner for barcode tags.

Our advanced solutions allow your business systems to automatically maintain visibility and control of thousands of critical parts, individually, across their entire operation or supply chain without human intervention or input.