Live Demo

Password:  Demo54321

Experience a Live Demo of the eChain RFID-Automated Inventory Management System (AIM). AIM is the RFID-enabled Global Inventory Management cloud solution.  AIM and Global Inventory Management allow you to manage your inventory and assets in multiple locations and across the globe. Monitor and update stock, purchases and sales from anywhere: Office, Home, Warehouse, or on the go. You only need internet connection.

AIM has Permission and Role-based access. Multiple user roles control access by function or location.

eChain RF-AIM Demo
eChain AIM Demo

Admin User Login

The Admin User login provides unfiltered access to administrator users. Note the rich functionality available by using the Admin User Role.  Using the rich permissions settings, we can set users with many different roles in the system and filter by location (warehouse, stock room A, Store, Tokyo), role (Sales, Purchasing, Finance, RFID, Inventory Manager, Stock manager of Warehouse X).

Pass:  Demo54321

RFID User Login

The RFID User login provides filtered access to users who manage assets, inventory and transfers. Note the RFID User role has significantly fewer capabilities than the admin role, and does not allow quotes, sales, purchases, or many of the financial reports.

Pass:  RFid54321

About RF-AIM Demo

eChain Automated Inventory Management has built-in Invoice and Inventory System that supports tax and discounts. Add taxes and discounts automatically to quotations/invoices.  Also, single system allows you to generate invoice from quotations, generate purchase orders (PO’s) from quotes, transfer items from location to location, and inventory counts are automatically updated.

Manage multiple locations and advanced reports for sales overview charts, stock value charts, daily and monthly sales calendar, custom sale and purchase reports, product alerts and much more.

eChain AIM, RFID-Automated Inventory Management is a complete, integrated hardware/ software solution that incorporates long-range RFID with advanced Global Inventory/Asset Management to automatically track assets and inventory in real time,triggering reorders, expired stock notifications, alerts and much more.  eChain AIM allows multiple groups to effectively manage and track assets, asset interactions, and asset workflows from locations across the planet.