eChain IoT Global Connect

Date:19 Dec, 2018


eChain IoT Global Connect

The fastest way to commercialize and monetize your RFID and Internet of Things investment.

75% of Internet of Things (IoT) Pilots Fail.  With eChain’s IoT Global Connect, you can exponentially increase your project success rate by rapidly linking your RFID, Bluetooth, BLE, sensor and other 2.4GHz “things” directly into our IoT Cloud Database.

Want to incorporate IoT into your WMS, ERP or other systems?

IoT Global Connect converts multi-protocol IoT and RFID raw data streams into our secure, high-performance database for instantaneous processing.  Relevant data is then transmitted back to you and your system formatted for loading into ERP, Order Management, Inventory Systems, Alerts, EDI, etc.

eChain IoT Global Connect is a universal application that receives, processes and routes RFID and IoT data and messages. It is a cloud-based high-performance MySQL and PHP application that received data from multiple RFID and IoT devices and protocols, extracts relevant data, archives and routes the relevant transactions as needed. Sold as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with eChain Global Inventory Manager Application to provide inventory transaction automation based on item movements throughout facility or multiple locations.

Benefits of a successful IoT initiative:


  • Process 2,000 transactions per minute (Standard Edition)
  • Simultaneous processing from different sources or locations
  • Primary input methods are HTTP POST, Flat File. Ask about other methods
  • RFID integration with Impinj Speedway Connect, eChain Connect (for USB Desktop RFID Reader)
  • Bluetooth integration with eChain BLE WiFi router and any/all Bluetooth/BLE beacons
    • Bluetooth Smart 4.1
    • Eddystone
    • iBeacon
    • IPhone and Android Bluetooth devices
    • Many other Bluetooth protocols.  Ask about anything not listed here
  • Integrated with handheld scanners
  • Integrated with eChain Global inventory Manager Application
  • Configurable transaction history archive
  • API/Interface confirmation
  • Analytics
  • Custom Integrations and Interfaces


  • Register readers, antennas, routers to named locations, zones and GPS locations
  • Add/Update rules on data processing
  • Specify devices for tagging, assigning or triggers
  • Bluetooth Tag ID, Payload data extraction, RSSI (Signal Strength), Battery level
  • Process BLE Sensor data (open/close, accelerometer, alarm (button), temperature, humidity, movement, vibration, proximity, more)
  • Process RFID named readers, EPC, TagID, RSSI
  • Filter redundant reads
  • Multiple RESTFul Protocols Supported
  • Professional monitoring