RFID Installation & Implementation

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RFID Installation & Implementation

Professional Installation of Speedway R420 (4-port) UHF RFID reader system on-site in your environment.

Our experienced and certified installers can save you time and frustration in getting your RFID system online and functioning.

Typical Installation and Implementation of a Speedway R420 RFID (4-antenna) system can take 1-2 days.  Some installations may require an Electrician, which is not included in this estimate.  Some installations like clean room or operating room require specially certified installers which is not included in this price.  We will gladly work with and direct these specialized resources if required.

Speedway R420 RFID Reader System Expertise:

  • Speedway R420 RFID Reader
  • Power Supply (Adapter or PoE)
  • Antennas and Cable selection
  • Ethernet (or WAN) connection
  • GPIO – General Purpose Input/Output Setup
  • Speedway Connect Installation and Configuration
  • Impinj Speedway Wifi Connection
  • Speedway Antenna Hub – 8-port multiplexor
  • Transmit RFID Data to Cloud Server & Database

What is included:

  • Position and mount Antennas (up to 4 antennas)
  • Unobtrusively run antenna, power cables and Ethernet cables
  • Position and mount R420 Reader
  • Connect and Configure R420 Reader
  • Update firmware/software as required
  • Set/Update Reader Date/Time
  • Connect R420 to network (or Wifi)
  • Connect and Configure Speedway Connect Software (if purchased)
  • Test and Tune antenna power levels and zones
  • Validate successful workflow and business requirements met

* Travel expenses are not included and will be invoiced separately
* Electrician or special facility charges (i.e., clean room/operating room) are not included and will be charged separately.
* Installing more than 4 antennas per RFID system requires additional equipment and time.  We may increase the cost estimate for installations that require antenna hubs and more than 4 antennas per RFID system.

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