RFID Tag Serialization & Encoding

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RFID Tag Serialization & Encoding

Custom RFID tag encoding for uniquely numbered RFID tags that are ready to use out of the box

eChain Technology offers custom RFID Tag encoding as a service to our customers.   This service allows our customers to purchase uniquely numbered RFID tags that are ready to use out of the box.

The Hitachi Ultra Small Package (USPT) RFID Tags are encoded by the manufacturer with the same EPC ID: 300833b2ddd9014000000000. This presents a challenge when attempting to use the tags “out of the box” as every tag returns the same value when scanned.  Our service will uniquely encode each tag EPC ID using each tag’s unique TagID (TID) – a unique value associated with each RFID chip encoded by the chip manufacturer.

RFID tags often come from the manufacturer without unique IDs written onto the integrated circuit. Although some tags do come with sequential unique IDs, they are frequently not in the end user’s desired format. Because RFID tags are usually used to identify specific assets/people/entities, most RFID tags need to be uniquely encoded before they can be used.

When scanned by most RFID readers, the primary value returned and utilized for asset identification is a 24 character hexadecimal value from the RFID tag’s EPC memory bank.  This value is writable, and can be re-written to any value that is 24 character hexadecimal.

Price is per tag.  Please enter the total number of tags you wish to have uniquely encoded.