Are you interested in evaluating IoT and RFID technology?

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Are you interested in evaluating IoT and RFID technology?


eChain IoT and RFID Tech Solutions are hardware, software and expert guidance you need when starting your IoT journey or extending your solution globally.

With over 15 years developing and delivering innovative solutions that utilize next-generation technology, the eChain team is recognized as industry leaders in the technologies necessary for real-time, automated asset location solutions, IoT and RFID. We ensure these components work together to automatically track assets and asset movements globally or locally, and are customized to address the needs of any business environment.

Cloud Integration and Automation

You can’t experience the true value of IoT until you connect your IoT and RFID readers, sensors and tags to the Cloud. We provide out-of-the-box solutions that help you send IoT and RFID data directly into your Cloud database and applications.  We also provide custom integration services for any other IoT and RFID needs you may have.

Shop eChain for RFID Hardware and Applications to get started today.

Our RFID Tech solutions are custom designed to meet business goals and ROI expectations, and our experts guide selection and implementation of all relevant technology including:


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