*NEW* eChain Connect 2.0 Integration App for USB RFID Reader/Writer

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*NEW* eChain Connect 2.0 Integration App for USB RFID Reader/Writer


Original price was: $495.00.Current price is: $250.00.

eChain Connect Application Connects Desktop Reader/Writer to Internet


eChain Connect Application Connects Desktop Reader/Writer to Internet

eChain Connect is a communication applet that installs onto your computer and interfaces with the USB UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer. eChain Connect takes the tag data streaming from the reader and securely transmits it using HTTP Post method to the internet where it is easily processed into a cloud database or application. eChain Connect can direct output to any URL, PHP script for processing.  Includes configurable read windows and transmit times to filter out excess tag reads.

*New in Version 2.0, improved performance, bug fixes, and now export RFID to csv formatted text file!

Internet Connected RFID in Minutes

RFID tag reads from your desktop USB Reader become a real-time sensor feed to an enterprise asset management application tracking location and location history of your key assets up to the second.  User configured update interval allows application to buffer and filter tag reads so that only one read is provided per update interval.  This is extremely important as UHF RFID readers can produce several hundred duplicate RFID tag reads per second.

Quickly and affordably add RFID reader to checkout, patient rooms check-in desk, etc.

Using a different USB RFID Reader?  Contact us for a version of eChain Connect that works with your reader.


  • User configured unique Reader Identifier
  • User configured MAC address
  • Automatically selects the Serial Port of connected reader
  • Adjustable comm speed (115200 or 38400)
  • User configured update interval (in seconds)
  • Enter target URL for PHP script that processes the output into database
  • PHP example script included
  • Works on many versions of Windows OS – can be used with older PC workstation
  • *NEW* Write RFID to CSV file export

Quick Start:

  1. Assumption that you have already successfully connected the eChain USB Reader to your computer and read RFID tags using the provided application
  2. Download the eChain Connect Application (folder) from Dropbox using the provided link
    1. Place the folder and contents in a location on your hard drive
    2. Create shortcut to the executable file (eChain Connect.exe) (may require admin rights)
    3. Move the shortcut to your desktop for easy access
  3. Plug-in the eChain USB High-Power RFID Reader into USB port on your computer
  4. Double-click the new icon to launch the eChain Connect application
    1. See the screenshot of the application
  5. Configure the application for your needs:
    1. Reader Name: Provide a unique name for the reader. This will help identify the tag reads coming from this specific reader
    2. Mac Address: Optional. Not currently used
    3. Server Address: Initially use: http://dev.echainrfid.com/cron/postrfdata.php After you confirm the application is working, you can change the server address to point to a RESTful API Service of your choosing
    4. Update Interval: Set value in seconds. Using 10 seconds (default value), the application will read and buffer RFID tags multiple times during this time-frame, but will only send 1 distinct read for each tag every 10 seconds. This way, you will not flood your network or database with thousands of duplicate tag reads continuously. For example, if you are reading 25 RFID tags with this application, the reader may scan each tag hundreds of times in 10 seconds, but will only send 25 records to the cloud/database every 10 seconds. The application will process 25 (unique tag reads) x 6 (10-second intervals per minute) for a total of 150 tag-read records transmitted to the cloud/database every minute (versus thousands of duplicate records).  Adjust the Update Interval to best meet your use case
  6. Connect the application:
    1. With reader connected to a USB port on your computer,
    2. Serial Port: The application automatically selects the serial port of the reader. You can refresh the serial port using the refresh arrow, but this should not be needed
    3. Speed: Defaults to highest possible speed (no change necessary)
    4. Select Connect Button
      1. When successfully connected, the button label will change to “Disconnect”
  7. Run the application:
    1. Select Run button
    2. Confirm the application is running by holding UHF RFID tag close to the reader. You should hear beeps as tags are being read, and you should see read data in the application data window. See application screenshot
  8. Confirm application is successfully sending tag data to the cloud database
    1. Using the eChain Cloud database to validate that the application is functioning properly, view RFID Tag data from our database using RESTful command
    2. Use this link to view data directly from eChain database: http://dev.echainrfid.com/cron/read_tagdata.php
    3. Validate the reader name, time and tag data from eChain database against the eChain Connect Application data window. See image.
  9. When finished, Select Run again (to stop the application) and Disconnect.
  10. It is now OK to unplug the reader from your PC.

Connect your own cloud

  1. Use the downloads we have provided above to create your own cloud database table and RESTful endpoint to allow the application to send data to our own cloud database and application.
  2. Once you have set up your own cloud database, table and endpoint, change the Server address on the eChain Connect application to point to your PHP script on your hosted server.
  3. Logging – We have also provided log files (ability to turn on/off) to help troubleshoot setup issues.
  4. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are glad to assist you!

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