Free RFID Tag Sample Pack

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Free RFID Tag Sample Pack


In stock (can be backordered)


Free with any purchase from our site, we offer a fantastic 20-piece UHF RFID tag sample pack of best in class label tags.  Different RFID applications demand different tags, sizes, read range, performance.  Use these tags to explore different capabilities of some of the best RFID label tags on the market.

Item price is $5 (with free shipping) if placed without other item(s) in your cart.  However, it is free when added to any existing order.  You will see the option to add your free gift from your shopping cart.  Thank-you!


Tag (dimensions) Label Size Description Chip Material Qty Avg Range*
BT Short (2.75×0.75) 3″x1″ BT Short, Alien 9762 Higgs 4 Direct Thermal Paper 4 17ft
BT 349 (1.6×0.6) 3″x1″ BT 349, High-performance, small inlay Monza R6p Thermal Transfer Paper 4 7ft
xWing (2.75×0.6) 3″x1″ Invengo xWing transparent inlay Monza 4QT Wet inlay (transparent) 5 10ft
Frog3D (2×2) 3.0″x3.0″ Smartrac Frog 3D 286-3 printable label Monza 4QT Thermal Transfer Paper 2 10ft
AD-229r6 (3.75×0.25) 4″x0.5″ Avery AD-229r6 printable label Monza R6 White PET (Opaque) 5 21.6ft
  • Avg Range calculated using 10 separate read tests using eChain High-Power USB (Desktop) RFID reader connected to USB 3.0 (high power) USB port on PC.

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