Frequency and Max Power Guidelines using UHF RFID


Regulatory status for using RFID in the EPC Gen2 (860 to 960 MHz) band of the UHF spectrum by GS1

This document provides the GS1 overview of UHF allocations for passive RFID within the 860 to 960 MHz band worldwide.  As a provider of UHF RFID solutions to the global community, we find that we reference this document continuously.  Hopefully you will find this information as helpful as we do.  You can find the original here.  (

  • Country name & Status: All GS1 member countries as well as major non-member countries are included – currently a total of 125 countries
  • Allocations are in place in 81 countries (circa 97 % of global GDP) Information is not available for 44 countries (circa 3 % of global GDP)
  • Frequency: Allocations authorised for RFID applications, specifically within the 860 to 960 MHz band of the UHF spectrum
  • Power: Maximum wattage allowed for RFID, calculated as EIRP (Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power) or ERP (Effective Radiated Power)
  • Reader to Tag Communication Technique: FHSS: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum / LBT: Listen Before Talk / ETSI: as per ETSI 302 208
  • Regulator: Contact details of respective national regulatory body