Design Guideline – Hitachi USPT Ultra-Small UHF RFID Tag

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Design Guideline – Hitachi USPT Ultra-Small UHF RFID Tag


Flip through the 3D design guideline for great ideas on tag use and placement.

Design Guideline – Hitachi USPT Ultra-Small, Versatile, Embeddable, Indestructible UHF RFID Tag

Hitachi Chemical’s Ultra Small Package Tag (USPT, IM5-PK2525) an EPC Gen 2 passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag that is one of the smallest and most versatile RFID tags on the market, measuring just 2.5 millimeters (0.098 inch) square and 0.3 millimeter (0.012 inch) thick. Containing an Impinj Monza 5 chip and an antenna embedded in epoxy resin, the Ultra-Small Package tag is designed to be durable enough that it can be used on metal, can be applied via injection molding or incorporated into printed circuit boards. This means the tag can be built into a circuit board or a semiconductor’s packaging, and sustain the temperatures typically used during the manufacturing processes—as high as 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit).

What especially differentiates the tag, however, is the ability to extend its read range. Due to its small size, the tag can be interrogated only in the near field—approximately 10 millimeters (0.39 inch). However, the read range can be extended up to 12 meters (36 feet) by using a tag antenna booster fashioned from wire, conductive yarn or metallic ink.  Alternatively, the range could be extended simply by mounting the tag adjacent to a metallic component of the object on which the tag was mounted.

The USPT is the smallest UHF RFID tag we have tested that can be consistently read (and written) using over-the-counter UHF RFID Readers.  Yes, there are smaller UHF RFID tags, but in our experience, those tags are unreadable by available technology and therefore unsuitable for any real use.  Hitachi USPT RFID tags can be embedded in parts and cards, used to uniquely identify very small parts, semiconductors, printed circuit board (PCB).  They can be used in environments with extremely high heat, pressure and in extremely rough environments.  Mount them inside epoxy, polyurethane, semi-rigid resin to render them virtually indestructible.  And even when completely encapsulated, you can still read and write to these tags.  The uses for these tags is virtually endless.

Flip through the 3D design guideline for examples on tag use and placement, and place your order today for a sample of the Hitachi Ultra-Small Package Tags from eChain Technology.

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