Impinj Speedway Firmware Upgrade

This is the Impinj Speedway Octane firmware release for the Impinj RAIN RFID Readers (Speedway® R120, R220 and R420).


This is the Impinj Speedway Octane firmware release for the Impinj RAIN RFID Readers (Speedway® R120, R220 and R420) and Gateways (xPortal R640, xSpan R660 and xArray R680). This release is not supported on legacy Speedway IPJ-R1000 readers.  We will attempt to ensure this is always the latest Firmware available.

Version = 5.12.0, June 2017

Upgrading the Speedway Firmware by using a USB Drive

This is a simple way of updating readers if you have access to the physical device(s).  Simply load the application onto a USB/thumb drive as described below, and plug it into the Impinj Reader that is on.  Firmware updates the reader in less than 1 minute.  Also, this firmware update can be applied to an unlimited number of readers. Speedway Readers that run Octane 4.4 and later support upgrading the firmware by using a USB drive.

First, obtain the firmware upgrade file.  A link is provided after purchase.  The upgrade file extension is .upg. (Example: octane_4_12_0.upg).

Download from Dropbox:

To prepare the USB drive for the upgrade

  1. Insert a USB (Thumb/Zip) drive into your computer
  2. Ensure USB drive is formatted as FAT32 (NTFS will not work)
  3. Create a directory named impinj in the root of the USB drive, and create the subdirectories
    revolution, upgrade, and images. The names of these directories are case sensitive and
    must all be lower case.

    1. Example D:\impinj\revolution\upgrade\images\
  4. Copy the desired firmware upgrade .upg file into the directory:
    1. D:\impinj\revolution\upgrade\images\octane_5_12_0_240.upg
    2. Note: If multiple .upg files exist in the images directory, the Reader will use the most
      recently modified file.
  5. Remove the USB drive from your computer.

To use the USB drive to update the Reader

  1. Confirm that the Reader is ready for upgrade, and that the Power and Status LEDs are illuminated (the reader is powered-on and functioning normally)
  2. Insert the USB drive into the “USB Host” port on the Reader. Within 5-10 seconds, the Reader will begin upgrading the Reader and the Power LED will blink amber (yellow/orange). If the Power LED remains solid green, the Reader likely cannot locate the images directory and .upg file on the USB drive.
  3. The upgrade process completes in 20-60 seconds and then the Power LED changes to solid green.
  4. Remove the USB drive from the “USB Host” port and reboot the Reader.

During the upgrade process, the Reader will attempt to append information to a status.log file on the USB thumb drive in the impinj/revolution/upgrade directory. The status.log file is intended to provide an audit trail for the upgrade of one or more Readers.

If the firmware upgrade process fails, the Power LED will blink red. Remove the USB drive, reboot the Reader, and check the “impinj/revolution/upgrade/status.log” file for the reason of the failure.

Upgrading the Firmware through the Reader Management Web Page – Preferred Method

You can upgrade the firmware by accessing the Impinj Speedway Reader Management web page, and running the upgrade from the management web page.

  1. Connect to the Reader using a web browser and navigate to http://<reader name or IP

    1. Examples: http://speedwayr-10-00-DD or
  2. Log in to the Reader using the following credentials:
    1. user name: root
    2. password: impinj
  3. Click the Choose File button and then select the firmware upgrade .upg file
  4. Click the Upgrade button
  5. After the upgrade is complete, click the Reboot button