IoT Solution Design Consultation

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IoT Solution Design Consultation


The eChain IoT Expert Design consultation is your opportunity to have a team of internationally recognized experts review your use case and present you with a custom solution recommendation.


75% of IoT Projects Fail

Cisco Survey Reveals Close to Three-Fourths of IoT Projects Are Failing

Cisco Press Release

Cisco shows that 60 percent of IoT initiatives stall at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage and only 26 percent of companies have had an IoT initiative that they considered a complete success. Even worse: a third of all completed projects were not considered a success.

60% of respondents noted IoT initiatives are more difficult than expected

60% of respondents stressed that IoT initiatives often look good on paper but prove much more difficult than anyone expected. Top five challenges across all stages of implementation: time to completion, limited internal expertise, quality of data, integration across teams, and budget overruns. The Cisco study found that the most successful organizations engage the IoT partner ecosystem at every stage, implying that strong partnerships throughout the process can smooth out the learning curve.

The most successful projects engage skilled IoT partners

eChain Technology has over 100 years’ combined experience designing and implementing successful custom enterprise solutions that utilize emerging IoT and RFID technologies.  We have experts globally located and can engage any customer, anywhere in the world.

Our partnerships with industry pioneers and our relentless pursuit of the best-in-class technology ensures that we can not only understand your business needs, but also we know the best available technology available anywhere to meet your needs.

Our customers experience amazing benefits like:

  • Real-time smart-data insights that improve their business
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved product and service quality
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced counterfeiting
  • Improved profitability

The eChain IoT Expert Design consultation

The eChain IoT Expert Design consultation is your opportunity to have a team of internationally recognized experts review your use case and present you with a custom solution recommendation.  Our report includes recommendations on specific technology (hardware), applications and approach.  We will provide you with a preliminary plan, plan phases and expected ROI.  We provide detailed quote for the components and services necessary to successfully deliver your project.

Our goal is to find the fastest path to ROI with the least business disruption!

In some instances, we test various technologies (tags, placement, read range, readers, antennas) to find the best solution for your exact need.  We will even guide you away from IoT if your use case does not appear to be a good match.  We are not here to sell you IoT technology, we seek to provide you the best available solution for your business need, regardless of platform.

Of course, you can always take our plan and shop it to other IoT providers, or attempt it with your in-house resources.

Please note this is a limited, 4-8 hour remote exercise where we will conduct phone interviews, swap information, and in some cases, will work with your product samples to validate if and how potential solutions will work with your exact product and in your use case.  The output is a report and, in some cases, product solution tests and documented test results.

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