Reading and Writing Hitachi USPT RFID tags with USB Reader


Instructional video on using the eChain USB RFID Desktop reader using the free reader application. Load software, read and write to RFID tags and Hitachi USPT (Ultra-Small Package Tag) using eChain desktop RFID reader.

Showing how to read and write to one of the smallest UHF RFID tags on the market – the Hitachi USPT (Ultra-Small Package Tag) with dimensions of 2.5mm x 2.5mm.  For this demonstration, we use a medium-power USB desktop reader that is out of the box and not tuned (not optimized for power or frequency). Notice we do have a little trouble finding the “hot spot” on the reader where the small tag is scanned. We do have other small readers that have more success in consistently reading and writing to these tags.