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Need CRM, but don’t want to pay thousands each month?

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The dirty little secret Salesforce doesn’t want you to know… YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY INTO THEIR CLOUD. You can now own your own cloud CRM application with NO price per employee/license or seat! Own eChain Total Customer Management (TCM) for the price of a few months of Salesforce Enterprise for 20 users.

Total Customer Management (TCM) – Advanced CRM+PM by eChain Technology

You are no longer forced to decide which salesperson gets CRM to save costs. You can give CRM to ALL salespeople. Wouldn’t this be better? Don’t you want all your sales associates to have the tools to be successful?

But traditional CRM is limited, don’t you think? In addition to your sales team, TCM provides access for project managers, technical and QA resources.

In addition to managing contacts, leads, and your sales pipe, wouldn’t you like to transition your projects once the sale is closed? Convert leads and contacts to customer projects, milestones and tasks in eChain Total Customer Management (TCM). All sales notes are available to the project team. Manage tickets, development and defect resolution by including your development team and assigning workload from TCM. Customers can add tickets via email.

We also include customer access. Customers have their own login and monitor progress on their project tasks and add relevant information directly into the application.

Using TCM, employees track time spent on calls, meetings and tasks. This makes it extremely easy to generate accurate timesheets and accumulate additional billable work!

There are even more features and a great dashboard. All included. Give us a call today to see how you can get away from the massive monthly and restrictive charges for limited CRM and regain control of sales, service and fulfillment with eChain Total Customer Management. Contact me today for a demo. Lewis Kilby, eChain Technology, LKilby@echaintechnology.com