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RFID at Point of Sale – Short Range (1-12in) or Very Short Range?

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Imagine clothes shopping at a department store. You have several items in your arms and walk to a register.  You drop the pile onto the checkout counter and watch in amazement as all your items automatically appear on a screen in front of you, waiting for payment.  Somehow, the lot was magically scanned simply by dropping them onto the checkout counter!

RFID use at Point of Sale (PoS) checkout is now available where items are automatically transmitted into the register by simply placing them on the counter.  No need to locate the barcode, no swiping, no separating, no rotating, no lasers.  Simply dropping the pile onto the counter is all that is required.  For the “Checkout Scanner” scenario, we have located the perfect Short Range Point of Sale RFID Scanner that uses keyboard emulation (just like barcode scanners) to automatically add all items on the checkout counter directly into the register.

This PoS RFID scanner reads all RFID labels up to 1 ft (12 inches).

However, many retailers are concerned that other items may be inadvertently scanned inside the 12 inch scan area and added to a customer’s order.  They are interested in a Point of Sale scanner with much shorter scan range so that no items are accidentally added into the customer’s order.

For these retailers, we have the “Touch and Go” UHF RFID PoS Scanner which only reads RFID labels on contact, or up to only 1 inch from the scanner.

Use either scanner at checkout depending on the particular retail use case.  What do you think?  Is retail ready to migrate to RFID Point of Sale scanners?  If so, do you think read range should be 1 inch or up to 12 inches?

Plug & Play Point of Sale Automated RFID Item Scanner

The eChain RFID Point of Sale (POS) Scanner is a professional UHF RFID scanner that replaces your barcode scanner at point-of-sale and check-out registers.  An elegant yet durable RFID reader unit that incorporates an RFID reader and antenna into a single, elegant plug-and-play unit that connects to a USB port for power and data.

RFID Point of Sale Scanner

Moving from barcode scanning to RFID scanning is as simple as plugging this reader into your checkout system USB port.

Remove from box, plug into computer, start scanning

This is probably the easiest RFID reader on the market to use and comes pre-configured and ready to use out of the box!  Simply plug into your computer.  RFID Tag scans are automatically transmitted to your open application or notepad-type text app using keyboard wedge technology just like a barcode reader. Will automatically sent RFID EPC Tag number directly into your shopping cart application for totally automated checkout.