The eChain MobileRF solution is a comprehensive asset management solution on a phone-based Android application platform with integrated UHF RFID and laser barcode scanner.

Executive Mobile RFID Asset Management

This is not your typical ruggedized warehouse scanner.  This is an elegant smart device platform for executive and in-office use, integrated into the eChain RFID Portal platform.   Our mobile solution completes your eChain Technology Automated Asset Management needs for Critical Asset, Item and Parts Visibility.  Use to scan, interrogate, inspect and add/update your UHF RFID-tagged assets, or use the on-board industrial Honeywell laser bar-code scanner for 2D barcode scans.

Our advanced solutions allow your business systems to automatically maintain visibility and control of thousands of critical parts, individually, across their entire operation or supply chain without human intervention or input.

eChain Executive Mobile Device Slideshow

  1. Android Application Integrated to eChain Portal
  2. Secure Login
  3. Fast Options To Scan or Retrieve Asset Data
  4. Scan UHF RFID Tag
  5. Asset Information Retrieved from Portal
  6. Dropdown Selections
  7. Add New Assets or Update Existing Assets
  8. Updates are Made to Portal Database
  9. Search List by Asset Class
  10. Update Records
  11. Asset Location Information
  12. Asset Manufacturer Information
  13. List of Physical Assets
  14. Search by Keyword

Automated Inventory Management (AIM) has the added capability of configuring alert conditions and automatically generating notifications when these alert conditions have been met.  Examples of common alerts configured for previous customers include assets moving into restricted areas, monitors to inform administrators of expired and expiring assets, and notification alerts related to required maintenance schedules.

eChain BYOD iPhone
eChain BYOD iPhone

We also understand the value of mobile tracking, and have integrated executive mobile devices for RFID and Barcode scanning integrated into our solution.  We support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and have an integrated asset scanning application that works on smart devices using the camera and GPS with Barcode and location.

Our solution supports multiple inventory and asset-related activities (Procurement, Receiving, Sales/Quotes, Transfers, Service/Maintenance, Damaged Goods, Quality Hold, Repository Storage, Leasing, and Loaning.

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